Do we really need to fix it?

4 min readApr 21, 2021

We tend to overlook those things which are most obvious and trade it for something to which we have no control!

Welcome everyone. I have something to share. Something interesting I have experienced in these past few days which maybe of some help to you, well you can consider checking it ( note your opportunity cost is worth spending!!!)

This is a note to productivity and self-improvement that we all are so obsessed about, especially since lockdown started, courtesy of the unlimited doses of procrastination. Well , I hope Netflix is going great, the one and only partner who understands what do you really need when you experience different emotions :).

The drift was amazing ahhh…if not so cool!. Anyways coming back to topic. Man , I love conversations, specially when they make sense and of course it has to be relatable. So, the other day I came across this interesting content from one of my favorite youtubers Nathaniel Drew on how self-improvement may be ruining one’s life. So what’s the premise all about? ( Consider checking the video:

Let me make an honest statement. Self help and improvement is the next social media bubble!. We all are in some sense, trying to make ourselves work the best way, guilty of wasting time and trying close some holes of the past… this is not just to the singles, even the couples, and I mean to everyone honestly, no limitations on labels. We are constantly in this flux of trying to get the best out of herself and the daily motivations from YouTube are no less ( don’t take motivation seriously, consider checking my first blog , it will give a broader picture). Sometimes , it makes sense, but sometimes it does feel boring!!!

After seeing this video, I was taken aback by the conclusions that I have subconsciously drawn, but that really doesn’t mean since I realized it , I have figured out, honestly it is still a mess. Even I believe, The Big Bang theory is the biggest mess happened that created this universe for no reason. Well, scientists will justify owing to their nature, but do they really have the answer from where they came and if so, are they completely sure they controlled their entire existence. If so, is the case then I guess we wouldn’t have parents in the first place, which says we do need support. Everybody is needed to sustain everybody!!!!

Again got drifted, but the point I am trying to make is all the while we are trying to fix ourselves, or thinking we are not good enough or analyzing how to fix what’s wrong in me and get what’s good in others…. even if we are trying to grow hypothetically , but it is at the expense of our low self-esteem. We are trying to be enlightened, trying to seek for higher purpose and want to level up our standards. Well, that’ definitely a good mindset to do with, but do you realize one thing, in the midst of everything we are somehow living in the past and future, not in the present!. We are letting ourselves consumed by our thoughts and not really take an action that needs to be taken as the very first and last choice.

Present is imperfection , insecurity, rebellious and upfront. Why to give up on that?. Why to give up on because its average and not the most coolest?. But, its still you!. Why do you have to be perfect?

Just recollect your childhood. Not everything was perfect, neither were you wishing to be the best ( of course social inclusions are there), neither were you truly willing to compete ( credits to society for making us imbibe that compulsion), neither were you willing to reciprocate ( unless its meaningful relationships) , but you still were happy, you still enjoyed whatever you had. You didn’t want to fix it , you were perfect the way you are.

I often feel, the best way to get clarity is to look back on your childhood, yes its your past, but that’s the only experienced data available to you. You knew how you were , and what actually mattered to you.

There is definitely a need to grow, to improve, but certainly overriding one’s natural beauty and natural self is not the best way through!. So take a step back, go through those moments , revisit them in your memory, you will feel more than happy special and confident.

Reading on self-help improvement, listening to podcasts of amazing speakers is great, but realize it, this is also a spiral. You can brush yourself enough to what you are as a person with imperfections , not replace yourself with a different identity. Influence is great , but when that subconsciously becomes an imitation or obsession or a necessity, it’s certainly not healthy.

Being not sorted , doesn’t mean one doesn’t have clarity. It means one is still experimenting with the resources out there. And that’s a good direction to follow. It gives us more experience and understanding. Dilemma is good enough till the point you are actually taking active action. Otherwise, the information clots in between and one may never arrive at a significant conclusion for themselves.

So stop procrastinating, stop overstressing on self-help books, you see too much of anything is harmful and stay balanced. It cannot be all time positive right?. turbulences are bound to happen. They distort one’s action, but it certainly carves an all new route to traverse.

So ,stop fixing , start accepting and keep figuring it… you will notice things in a better realm and perspective. You should know for yourself that you are good enough !

This is an entirely ‘make believe’ world. Nothing is certain and nothing is permanent. The faster one realizes it, the more door opens for love, freedom and acceptance.