4 min readSep 6, 2021

A very large part of our life is vested on getting proper knowledge and learning in order to evolve as a much successful and purposeful person than what we are today. Through knowledge, we get to extend our horizon of understanding, getting more confidence to experiment and do something new and enabling us to refurbish our thoughts, pre-conceived notions and shape our mindset in a positive manner.

While it may look a simple transfusion of getting more value in exchange of deriving knowledge, the greater part of its impact essentially lies in shaping our unique personality for today and future. Thoughts provoked by people around us can polarize us and play with our psyche negatively or positively. Until and unless those thoughts and assumptions are supplemented by proper knowledge, it fails to give a sense of direction. It can turn in to weeds that are entangled and gives no space, or else it can turn in to seeds that would invoke more optimism and motivation in life.

But there is a slight glitch in here…….

Sometimes, the most knowledgeable people seems to drift away from their direction out of several reasons, one of the most important which I would like to label is empathy. Now you must be wondering how does empathy come in the picture?.

Well, I would say always there but not visible enough by mere sight. The biggest backdrop of knowledge is when we acquire it , we tend to forget how it was when we struggle in pursuit to gather the same.

Try it for yourself. Test yourself with some simple words, meaning of which you are not aware of. As Google is here, everything becomes easy to collect at just the touch of a fingertip. However, when resources are not there to help you trace the meaning , you feel lack of esteem, you behave weirdly, your mind is always occupied trying to grasp something from memory to find the meaning and most importantly you being not able to focus on anything except that!!!.

It’s like the chimp on top of your head which doesn’t stop itching, till the time its put to rest. There are two reasons why you feel that away : 1) You are extremely curious 2) You cannot digest the fact that you are not versed about the same while an average person does.

In the former case, you try to search for ways inside your control in the lookout for answer because that is something which has really tickled your mind. But in the latter case, the fear of comparison and lack of competence plays a crucial role. You are just obsessed, frantically trying to find the answer and get it done. That’s it. You don’t seem to care what’s next ( you see knowledge is just information if it is not prioritized…)

Having discussed the two parameters, there is a simple thing which is common for both the situations. That is, once you have figured it out or got the answer, your mind becomes immune to it and you tend to feel it is obvious for another person to know the same.

This is a dangerous turning point , for you have become so judgmental subconsciously that you end up categorizing people in your own minds blocks as intelligent and stupid (which you were before, but you have got over it easily). This in turn leads to create a lack of empathy for everyone who wants to genuinely work with you. Due to the lack of empathy, one might fail to associate oneself with the other and noticing greater differences out of nowhere.

You lose your sense of gratitude as it becomes obvious to whatever you have achieved so far and at last you end up losing your humility, which is the death of human wisdom.

Moreover, ancient philosophers said, knowledge when not shared becomes of no utility to the society and evolution of mankind, while it may earn you millions in the first place for just a short period of time.

What you overlook to understand a simple thing. You would ultimately need to work with people both stupid and intelligent to grow yourself. If you end up just taking the elite ones, your empire is bound to doom, for some stacks cannot hold the entire weight of your creation.

Ultimately, we all need everyone. Knowledge is a privilege that should be shared with everyone, no matter how big or small the person is. Thinking it’s obvious for the person standing in front of you , makes you enter a dangerous loop that invites sugar like greed and over-confidence.

Be empathetic. Try seeing from others point of view. Be less judgmental 😊