5 min readApr 23, 2021

Why should you write?. Why do you think it should matter?

Before I start writing on it, and share my thoughts, I would like you to take a 10 seconds break and think on the second question , most importantly.

Why did I say the second question?

Well, up to this point you will be having multiple answers on the first question, owing to the load of content out there on how journaling is useful and productive and what not!!! Isn’t it?

If it is , then I think you should really think on the first question too, because whatever answers you have gathered in your memory and your beliefs are somewhat influenced and rephrased. Give it a personal thought, because it really requires your attention.

Most people know what they are doing , but very few people understand why they are doing , what they are doing?. If you ask me the reason, there is a simple answer.

It makes me raise questions ,it makes me question what’s already written, it makes me question the pattern of it. I think, since childhood , we all are framed in a way to find solutions , without actually caring about why does the question exist in the first place?. It’s a conditioning over the years, not so simple to break, and it’s so damm powerful , but it controls our entire thinking pattern, our lifestyle and our peace.

Einstein once said, ' If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask… for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes’.

Read this quote again , if you didn’t get the meaning. Even if we are not Einstein , we do study his principles, his discoveries , but we never studied him. As per him, every answer existed in the universe itself, the quest is finding the right problem.

Interestingly, if not exactly we relate the formal punishment from the court and administration , often leads to punish the innocent rather than the guilty. You know the reason , why?. Evidence!!!. The court blindly believes it, you know why?

It’s easy, it takes less time and it seems more convenient to avoid than to confront!!!

The point I am trying to make is you should question the question itself. That makes you open. Acceptance is good, but it’s not good enough. Because it restricts you the answers already have, and if you are settled with the answers, there is definitely a problem. You are killing your curiosity and imagination , gradually.

And it’s not healthy. Because it’s a spiral. You pass on your beliefs to everyone who is around you. Just like the environment affects you , you affect it too!

Coming back to the question, why should you write?

Before arriving at this question even I had this question at the back of my mind, why should I be writing , why I should write?

The answer is simple. Because I care for it. I care for what goes in my mind, I care for my thoughts, I care for my awareness , more than my ignorance.

On a personal front, I believe writing is like approaching yourself, talking to yourself, understanding yourself. Words have great power, and those that don’t get a voice, do get to write.

And that’s why it brings me here. It gives me the freedom to question openly, even if it can sound stupid to someone else. It matters to me , because it belongs to me.

Why should I be avoiding it for any reason?. Infact, I have come to a conclusion that the more I start bundling things within me, it makes me feel heavy and suffocated to a closed space, that conquers my purity of thought and mind.

The moment I share, it releases me from the expectations of self- doubt, negativity and unnecessary overthinking. It’s good to filter, it only makes you go clean, from where you can again start a fresh page.

The point of any communication is not just to gather any new point of view , but to be open to multiple points of view and still be okay with not agreeing to the same.

This brings me to the second, why should it matter?

But I would like to raise another question, why shouldn’t it matter?. Ofcourse, you are not alien, and even if you are, you thoughts are more than welcomed.

Think it simply. Does it connect to you ?. If this answer is yes, you are on the right track. You know, why?. Because you are the very first consumer of your own piece , before you even produced in the first place. Ofcourse, you may think that could also be a bias , afterall everybody loves their own shit, even if it’s a shit.

But , the catch is here. If it is something that is naturally coming to you, not through any external influence, if it makes you think, if it makes you feel, if it makes you cry, if it makes you laugh whatever, be it rational or emotional , if it is something that really matters to you, then it would world out there.

You know why?. Because we all are energies. That’s what science tells. We reflect each other 's thoughts and opinions, that is why we get influenced. That’s why we collide, that’s why we disagree. Even if people disagree, believe me, there is certain degree of their personal involvement , that made them react to it even if it’s negative, which says it does matter.

Writing is important in this process , because it makes you take action. Till the point you are acquiring and gaining knowledge, it’s a vicarious exchange. The moment you start writing, it becomes your story and someone else’s reality, and the score board keeps moving.

We are all storytellers in our own unique ways. So we shouldn’t be avoiding or deleting the curiosity tab from our workspace. They make us humane more!!!. Appreciate it and be grateful for it ☺